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4.14 Re-linking parts

Occasionally, scores will contain collapsed or expanded systems (sometimes referred to as “optimized systems”). Unless you re-link parts, these systems will not playback with the correct instrumentation.

The Re-link Parts function allows you to reassign each visible staff with its correct part (as defined by Part Name in System Manager). By re-linking parts of optimized scores, parts will play back correctly as they disappear and reappear throughout the score.

NOTE: Parts listed in Re-link Parts window are derived from the Part Name column of the System Manager (see "System Manager", Section 7.4 for more information). Checked boxes identify which parts are assigned to the active system. Before re- linking, make sure all possible parts have been created.

To re-link parts in a system,

a. From the FILE menu, select “Part Linking”. Or, hit Ctrl+L (Win) / Cmnd+L

(Mac). This will open the Re-link Parts window:.


FIGURE 4 - 32: Re-link Parts window

b. Check the part names that are associated with each staff in the active system. Be sure to remove checks from parts that are not associated with the active system. Larger systems may require scrolling down the list. The program will not allow you to select more or less parts than actually appear in the active system.

c. To view adjacent systems, press Next or Prev System.

d. In the Apply To box, press Apply to apply to active system. System+ will apply to the active system plus all subsequent systems.



Page #1 of Orchestral Score

Page #2 of Orchestral Score

In this example, the first page consists of one system having 15 parts (15 staves per system). With the cursor positioned over the system and Re-link Parts opened, 15 parts will be checked.

The second page contains 3 systems each with 6 staves. Many parts that appeared on the first page have dropped out. With the cursor positioned over one of the systems, 15 Part Names will be listed but only 6 will be checked in the Re-link Parts window. In this case, it was necessary to remove all check marks and then check the top six parts to reestablish proper part linking.

See FIGURE 4 - 32:. Notice that the re- linked parts were applied to all subse- quent systems (System+) from the top- most active system.

FIGURE 4 - 33:

Re-linking an orchestral score