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4.13 Maintaining playback continuity

Playback may loose continuity for several reasons, e.g. system braces/brackets were cut off during scanning or in the case of optimized scores, where the number of parts varies between systems.

4.13.1 Merging Systems

For parts to be play simultaneously, they must be joined by a bracket along the left-hand margin. If during scanning, the brackets of the original score are cut off by mistake or if something “breaks” the solid line of a bracket, one or more parts become separated and will appear in ENF as single-line systems themselves. In this case, it is possible to rejoin them; forming larger, corrected system.

NOTE: It is important that all parts of re-joined systems are properly linked before merg- ing them. (See "Re-linking parts", Section 4.14).

To merge two systems into one larger system,

a. Position your cursor over the first broken system / staff line. Hit Ctrl+L / Cmnd+L (Mac) to open the Re-link Parts window.


FIGURE 4 - 31: Merging Systems

b. The active system highlights in grey. Using the checkboxes, reassign each high- lighted staff to its correct part name and position in what will become the final, reformed system. Apply to = System.

c. Press the Next System button and reassign each highlighted staff line to its cor- rect part name as you did above. Return to the first staff of the final, reformed system by selecting Previous System.

d. Now, check the Merge with checkbox. When the Next System button is pushed, the two systems will join into a single system. Continue using Next System again until all separated parts are correctly joined. Review Part Name check- boxes for correctness.

4.13.2 Restoring a missed or “invisible” staff line

Occasionally, a staff line inside a system may have been missed during recognition due to flaws in the original score. Or in the case of an optimized score, you may want to restore a “hidden” (optimized) staff.

a. First, you want to check that parts in the shorted system are properly linked. Posi- tion the cursor inside the system and hit Ctrl + L to open Re-link Parts.


b. Put a check next to the appropriate visible parts. Leave the missing part unchecked. Make sure the order of the parts you check correspond to the actual staffline and the missing part remains unchecked. Hit OK.

c. Select the Properties tool (Esc key).

NOTE: Yellow arrows along each system bracket indicate all possible parts, visible or invisible. They correspond to the “Super System” in System Manager.



d. With your cursor in the affected system, click on a “floating” yellow arrow that corresponds to the missing staff line you wish to restore.

e. In the “Staff Properties” window check “Visibility”. Make sure “Show Staff” is also selected.

f. In the “Apply To:” pull-down menu, select “Current Staffline or System”.

TIP:Hit the “U” key and select Unify Key Signatures (based on First System). Hit OK and the key signatures of the score will become unified. Now you need only to fill in the missing notes. Remember you can always use Copy and Paste to clone measures of notes at a time whenever possible.