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4.11 ENF Graphical controllers

With the Velocity graphical controller you can vary note velocities of each note cluster quickly and smoothly. With the Tempo controller, you can “draw in” tempo variations smoothly over time. Controllers can be accessed either in the ENF Toolbar or below the Piano Roll window in MIDI view.


FIGURE 4 - 26: Text and Controllers

4.11.1 Velocity Controller


In ENF score view, push the “Velocity controller” button to activate. Click and drag your mouse along the vertical bars which represent each note’s velocity. The higher the bar, the more the velocity.


FIGURE 4 - 27: ENF Velocity Controller

4.11.2 Tempo Controller


Push the “Tempo controller” button to active. The horizontal line in the topmost staff represents default tempo. To vary tempo, click and drag your mouse up or down. The last tempo point will be fixed until changed.


FIGURE 4 - 28: ENF Tempo Controller


NOTE: For ritards, accelerandos and descelerandos, use the Properties tool instead of the Tempo Controller. You will have much more predicable results. See Section

4.9.5 for information on these properties.

4.11.3 Normalize controllers

After making changes to Tempo or Velocity controllers, you may find you have created greater-than-desired changes to playback. If so, you may globally reduce the effects of either controller by applying normalizing.


Normalize Tempo Controller (Before)



Tempo Controller after normalizing by 80%

FIGURE 4 - 29: Normalizing Tempo

To reduce effects of either Tempo or Velocity graphical controllers

a. Choose Playback > Graphical Controller

b. Select either Normalize Tempo or Normalize Velocity.

c. Choose amount of reduction desired: 20% / 40% / 60% or 80%. Controller dis- play and playback will change accordingly.

d. Choosing Reset removes all controller changes and resets the default settings.

Tempo markings inserted into ENF will still take effect. The end result is an aver- aging of all tempo values.