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4.10 Other Playback Options

4.10.1 Karaoke View

Feel like singing out loud? Hey, you only live once...

To view moving lyrics with familiar bouncing ball,

a. Press the Karaoke button in the Navigator palette.


b. The Options menu allow for changes in the Karaoke display. These options are also available in Edit > Program Preferences.

c. Open the Playback Console (Ctrl + 9 / Cmnd + 9 for Mac) to adjust tempo and change instrument assignments for parts and voices.

4.10.2 Instrument Templates

Instrument Templates is the “source” from which instruments are created and linked to parts in the System Manager (See Section 7.4 on page 137.).

a. To open Instrument Templates, select Edit > Instrument Templates or hit Ctrl

+ F Win (Cmnd + F Mac) or push “Open Instrument Templates” from inside System Manager.


FIGURE 4 - 25: Instrument Templates

To change or add a new instrument template,

a. Hit (Ctrl+FCmnd+F) or Edit > Instrument Templates.Click in the Name

field of any template and type to change the given name of an instrument.

b. To change an abbreviation, click then type inside the Abbr field.

c. Click and select a different MIDI instrument from the Instrument list to change default MIDI instrument assignment.

d. Transpose displays the default playback transposition for selected instruments.

The MIDI representation will reflect the transposed shift in pitch.

e. Various sets of MIDI instruments can be selected in Instrument Settings pull- down menu. Instrument sets acquire their names by clicking on the Instrument Settings button and selecting a set.

f. To save settings for future ENF files, check “Save for Future”.

4.10.3 Transposed instruments

Transposed instruments do not actually play the pitches notated in the score. To play them back in tune with the other non-transposed instruments, they must have their playback adjusted up or down by certain intervals. This “playback transposition” is already preset in Instrument Templates for most transposed instruments. The number in this column repre- sents the amount of pitch change (+/-) in half-step increments.

4.10.4 Adding instruments

You can add new instruments with unique names and playback parameters as well as change existing names and parameters for any existing template. All templates are acces- sible in the Part Name column of the System Manager. For more information on the Sys- tem Manager, turn to "System Manager", Section 7.4.

4.10.5 Add drum tracks

Adding an automatic drum track will add more pizazz to the mix.


Push the Drum Pattern button in the Toolbar to select an appropriate pattern for your piece. For more information on adding or creating drum tracks, go to "Auto- matic Drum Patterns", Section 9.4.

4.10.6 Swing

This feature applies standard swing rhythm to straight 8th and 16th notes notated in beamed groups. SmartScore will modify playback and the underlying MIDI representation as follows:


To apply swing to playback,

In the Playback menu, click on Swing.