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4.4 Dynamics and Articulations

For detailed information on Dynamic and Articulations palettes, see "Articulations pal- ette", Section 7.6.2 or "Dynamics Palette", Section 7.6.3.

4.4.1 Tuplets and Slurs (Legatos)






While in the Insert mode, select a triplet (“T” key) from the “Notes” palette or select Legato from the “Articulations” palette.

Creating a triplet

Creating a slur

FIGURE 4 - 5: Creating a Tuplet or Slur (legato)

a. Click and drag down to insert the tuplet or legato above the notes to be selected.

b. Click and drag up to insert the tuplet or legato below the notes to be selected.

To delete a tuplet or articulation

c. Ctrl+click on it, press the “X” key then click again on the object. Or use the Select tool (“O” key) to highlight one or more tuplets and/or legatos.

d. Once selected, push the Delete key.

NOTE: To resize or move a tuplet bracket, use Nudge mode and drag the control point located on either end of the tuplet.