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4.2 Quick Playback Tricks

a. Press the spacebar to start playback. Press spacebar again to pause. Press again to resume play. Press the comma key (“,”) to rewind to start point.


b. You can change the instrument sound of a part anywhere within the piece. Press the “Program Change” button in the ENF toobar and position the down arrow of your mouse on the measure and beat of the staff for which you wish to change instruments. Left-click and select a new instrument sound. For details, see "Changing instrument sounds on the fly", Section 4.5.4.

NOTE: Instrument change is only functional when General MIDI is selected under the

Playback > MIDI Device menu. Aria player does not support instrument change.

c. The Mini-Console transport controls Play, Rewind and Stop.The “spring-loaded” slider will accelerate or decelerate playback depending on how far the slider is dragged. The slider will snap back to the default tempo once it is released.


FIGURE 4 - 1: Mini-Console

4.2.1 Playing back a selected section


The quickest way to play back a snippet of the score is to use the “Select” tool and drag the mouse over a region of the page while holding down the right mouse button (Alt + click for Mac). Measures selected for playback will high- light light blue. Hit Space bar to play.


FIGURE 4 - 2: Selecting measures for limited playback

For playing larger sections and for looping, go to Playback menu > Set Play Range.


FIGURE 4 - 3: Set Playback Range

d. In the From field, choose a starting measure. Then select an end point in the To

pull-down box.

e. To repeat playback over the range, check the Loop box.