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4.1 Working with the Aria Player and Garritan sounds

SmartScore X2 is configured to automatically open both the Playback Console and the Aria Player when a new file is opened or recognized.


FIGURE 4 - 1: Aria player with SmartScore Playback Console

To load preset instruments for playback,

a. In the Aria player, select one of several instrument presets by clicking into the lower left corner of the “Ensemble” window.

b. Click on “SmartScore” and select “All_Piano”. All channels will play a Grand Piano sound. Other combinations can be selected from “SmartScore” preset list.

To load individual instruments,

a. Click on any of the 16 instrument/channel slots in the Aria player.

b. Select an instrument from one of seven instrument groups under “SmartScore”.

IMPORTANT: The Aria player will play only those channels that are displayed in the channel list of SmartScore's Playback Console.

Using to SmartScore X2

Use the transport controls in the Playback Console or Mini Console to control playback. The spacebar can be used to start and stop playback, but not when the focus is on the Aria player. To activate spacebar for playback, click outside of the Aria player window.

Volume, Pan, Mute, Solo and Transpose pitch controls are all active in Playback Console. If a part is not playing back or is playing the wrong sound, make sure you have the right

instrument correctly assigned to each instrument/channel slot. Remember that only those

channels listed in SmartScore’s Playback Console will sound in the Aria player.

NOTE: Instrument names in the Playback Console are not active when using the Aria Player. Only those instruments loaded in the Aria player are activated.

4.1.1 Notes on working with the Aria player

• Manipulating playback windows

Both the Aria and Playback Console windows are “floating” and can be easily moved out of the way when editing the ENF notation file. When either window is closed, current instrument settings are saved. In order to reassign instruments, playback windows will need to be reopened.

image To reopen Playback Console, push the “Console” button in the lower toolbar. image To reopen Aria player, push the VST or AU button in the lower toolbar.

To exit Aria player and revert to General MIDI Instrument playback, select General

MIDI or MIDI Mapper from "MIDI Devices" under the Playback menu. This will enable you to insert multiple instrument changes. For details, see "Changing instrument sounds on the fly", Section 4.5.4.

The Aria player is loaded with useful features including effects and the ability to add more Garritan sounds. The Aria user manual can be found under the HELP menu > SmartScore manual (PDF) > Aria Player for SmartScore X2.

Burning Audio to CD with the Aria player


We recommended using Aria for playback whenever you save to an audio file or burn playback audio to CD.

For information on saving to audio files or burning audio to CD, refer to Chapter 11, "CD Writer (Audio)".