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3.6 Scanning Part Scores (Score-Parts)


SmartScore allows you to process and combine scanned pages of solo parts, duets, trios or quartets and play them back simultaneously. They may also be recombined into a conductor’s score.



TIP:If you are scanning in Score-parts for the purpose of joining solo parts into a con- ductor’s score, it is recommended not to recognize text.

image scan and combine Score-parts into one ENF file,

a. Scan in all pages for each part. For easiest identification, give a unique name or number for pages belonging to one part, e.g. Flute_Pg1, Flute_Pg2 and Guitar_Pg1, Guitar_Pg2, etc.

b. In the Begin Recognition window, arrange files in order of parts then pages: e.g.

Part1/Page1, Part1/Page2, etc.


FIGURE 3 - 5: Grouping pages to Score-Parts

c. Highlight the first set of pages that make up the first Score-Part.

d. Push Group to Score-Part. In the Part Name window, give the selected pages belonging to a score-part a unique name.

e. When all pages are properly grouped to score-parts, push the Begin Recognition


SmartScore will internally organize score-parts following recognition. The ENF window will display pages for the first part followed by pages of the next part. Parts will play back simultaneously.