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3.4 Processing PDF files for Recognition

SmartScore will recognize nearly all PDF music files. Before being processed, PDFs are converted to the TIF file format and saved to the default directory. PDF files must be prop- erly pre-scanned to achieve good results. For PDF scanning requirements and procedures, see Section 3.3.1, "Scanning Outside of SmartScore".

To recognize PDF images of printed music,


a. Push the Open File button and select “Image” type. Or push one of the Recogni- tion buttons in the Toolbar or Navigator. The Recognize function is also found under the File menu.

b. After the image is converted from PDF to .TIF, it will open in SmartScore’s Image Editor where you can set grayscale threshold levels as well as delete non- notation pages such as the title page and front matter. While this step is recom- mended, it can be skipped each time or bypassed permanently.


c. A file-selection window Begin Recognition will open. This is where you list your pre-scanned files for recognition by selecting them, rearranging them, removing or reordering them.


FIGURE 3 - 2: Recognition - Selected Files / Options / Preview

d. In the Begin Recognition window, push Add Files to List.

e. Browse to where your images are stored. Click on an image file to select. If more than one page was scanned in the SmartScore scanning interface, the file will appear as a multi-page list.

NOTE: You may click on and drag image icon(s) to the selected files list of the Begin Recognition window. Some older Windows operating systems may not support drag-and-drop.

f. Preview pages prior to recognition to check that pages were scanned completely and that no page is severely skewed. Any of these issues will affect recognition results. Select the Preview tab and click on each page to view your pre-scanned pages.

g. Refer to “Recognition Options” on page 48 for details on how recognition options operate.

3.4.1 Reordering the File List

Notice that one file may contain many pages. If you happened to have scanned a page out of sequence or if you notice pages out of order (e.g. “Page10” is listed before “Page2”). To reorder the list of pages to be recognized, click on any page and hit Move Up or Move Down. It will be repositioned. Hitting Remove Files from List will cause that page to be taken off the list and will not be recognized.

3.4.2 Removing, replacing and re-saving scanned pages

If one page of a scanned group is incorrectly scanned or is missing altogether from a multi-page image file (Page group), you may reselect individual pages to form a new page group.

a. Select (or drag) the original multi-page file inside the selected files list of the

Begin Recognition window.

b. Highlight a page to remove and push Remove Files from List.

c. To add a replacement or additional page to the original page group, select or drag the page(s) to the selected files list.

d. Reorder pages as necessary.

NOTE: If pages were reordered, added to or deleted from the original image file, you will be able to re-save the newly listed pages.

To Save a modified list of grouped pages as a new image file,

Select all pages so they are highlighted and push Save As.

Select the existing name to over-write or type in a new name.