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3.3 Scanning in Macintosh®

Macs running Apple OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later have scanner drivers imbedded in the operating system. This limits third-party scanning to those devices selected by Apple.

If your scanner does not respond to the “Scan” command, scanning will have to be done outside of SmartScore using Apple’s Image Capture software. See http://www.musi- tek.com/HP_Mac_Scanning.html

3.3.1 Scanning Outside of SmartScore

An alternative to operating your scanner when TWAIN or WIA drivers don’t work prop- erly with SmartScore is to scan in another application. You can use your scanner’s soft- ware or a third-party imaging program like Photoshop® to scan and save images. Then, inside SmartScore, you will be able to Recognize the saved images.

a. Check that your scanner is on and that the proper driver is installed (File > Scan Music > Select Scanner). If a compatible driver is not present, you will have to reinstall your scanner’s software either from the original CD or by downloading

the most recent scanner driver from your scanner manufacturer’s web site. If the above is true and pushing the Scan button in the Navigator still causes problems, your driver is probably incompatible with SmartScore’s scanning interface.

b. Switch to the scanning software that was installed with your scanner. To do this, go to File > Scan Music > Choose Interface > Your Scanner’s. When you push the Scan button, you will then be handed off to the software that came with your scanner.

If you are using your scanner’s interface, follow the following guides:

Place your music in the scanner as squarely as possible.

Look for Scan type or Output option. Set scanning to Grey (Greyscale).

Set Resolution to 300-400 dpi for average printed music.

Set Brightness to -20 to -35% for average printed music.

Crop around but not on the music to be scanned in preview pane.

Scan between 300-400 dpi (for average-sized printed music). Scan at higher resolu- tions for music printed in smaller-than-average print size. Do not exceed 600 dpi.

Save as TIFF (Uncompressed) or BMP file. Each page will be about 1 MB per page.

Use a unique filename for each page... e.g. Page1.tif, Page2.tif, etc.

TIP:Optimum resolution is achieved when the distance between staff lines is about 20 pixels. Zoom into the image. Referring to the mouse position readout in the status

image bar, measure the distance between two lines in a stave (measure white space only).

3.3.2 Scanning Orchestral Scores

There are several methods that may be used to scan in oversized orchestral scores. Refer online to:

My orchestral score is bigger and wider than my scanner.” found in the Support > FAQ

section at www.musitek.com