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12.1 Score Formats

Score - A musical piece compiled as a document. A score usually contains more than one part with all the parts to be played together. In SmartScore, it is a single computer file; an ENF file. A hand-written score is called a manuscript.

Part - A part is represented by a staff line either alone (solo part) or grouped into a system with other instruments (ensemble part). A part is usually an single instrument, but in the case of two-handed instruments (piano, organ, xylophone, etc.), it may represent one hand’s part.

Voice - Derived from choral music but applied to instrumental music as well, contrapun- tal voicing (sometimes referred to as polyphonic voicing) refers to a unique melodic thread distinct from other voices in a measure by its harmonic direction and possibly its timbre. Contrapuntal voices reside in the same measure of the same staff. Voices are often distinguished by stem direction and sometimes by offsetting the horizontal position of notes. For the purposes of SmartScore, a “voice” written in its own staff line is referred to as a “Part”.

Score-Part - Scores that are printed in sets for each individual instrument. Players read from their own unique set of pages. For example, a duet for guitar and flute would be printed in two separate sets: one for the flute player and one for the guitar. Staves of part scores flow like a book where each staff line appends to the one above it.

Ensemble - Scores that have multiple staff lines connected by a vertical bar or “bracket” (usually along the left-hand edge of the music). When joined in this way, each staff line represents a different part or instrument. All parts are played “ensemble”. Piano music, (with left-hand and right-hand staves) are joined into one system, is regarded as “ensem- ble”. SmartScore assigns each stave to separate MIDI tracks.

Landscape - Some scores are wider than they are high. These “landscape” layouts need to be rotated prior to processing.

Folio - Large sized and conductor scores may need to be scaled down during scanning or reduced on a copy machine before scanning. If the score must be reduced more than 50% in order to fit the imaging area of your scanner, you may consider scanning each full-sized page twice and treat each scan as one “image-page”.

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