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11.12.1 Navigator

Opens and closes the SmartScore Navigator.

11.12.2 Toolbar

Opens and closes Toolbar

11.12.3 Toolbar

Opens and closes Toolbar

11.12.4 Image Toolbar

Opens and closes Image Editing Toolbar

11.12.5 Status Bar

Opens and closes Status Bar at the bottom of main SmartScore Window. Displays current page, cursor position, image size, and zoom percentage.

11.12.6 Palettes

Opens and closes tool palettes for ENF document editing.

11.12.7 Image Information

Provides information on the structure and type of the currently displayed image file.

11.12.8 Next Page

Displays next page of ENF document

11.12.9 Previous Page

Displays previous page of ENF document

11.12.10 Go to Page (Ctrl +G Win / Cmnd+G Mac)

Presents a dialog box to select a page number to jump to. Use scroller to select desired page and click OK.

11.12.11 Zoom

Lists available view percentages. Changing zoom will affect both the image and the ENF file simultaneously.

11.12.12 Reset Tools and Palettes (F1)

Resets windows, toolbars and palettes to their default position.