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11.11.1 Undo (Ctrl +Z / Cmnd+Z)

Reverses the last action you performed. SmartScore has ninety-nine layers of Undo.

11.11.2 Redo (Ctrl +Y / Cmnd+Y

Reapplies the last action that has been Undone.

11.11.3 Cut (Ctrl +X / Cmnd+X)

Removes the selected section from the image file and places it on the clipboard

11.11.4 Copy (Ctrl +C / Cmnd+C)

Places selected section on the clipboard without removing it from the image file.

11.11.5 Paste (Ctrl +V / Cmnd+V)

Insert the contents of the clipboard back into the image file

11.11.6 Delete (Del)

Deletes the selected section from the image file.

11.11.7 Select All

Selects the entire image for moving / centering.

11.11.8 Crop

Trims the image file down to the selected region

11.11.9 Invert

Switches the colors of the image file.

11.11.10 Rotate

Left: Rotates the image file counter-clockwise

Right: Rotates the image file clockwise

Any: Opens the Rotate window for rotation by defines degrees.

11.11.11 Delete Page

Deletes currently displayed page. Does not delete the entire file.

11.11.12 Selection

Activates the Area Selection tool.

11.11.13 Line

Activates the Line drawing tool.

11.11.14 Brush

Activates the Brush tool.

11.11.15 Deskew

Activates the Deskew tool for straightening “crooked” scans

11.11.16 Selection Mode


When a selected area is moved to the clipboard the background will be included


When a selected area is moved to the clipboard only the black portion of the selected area with be moved.

11.11.17 Pen Color

Select the color used by the Brush and Line drawing tools.