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3.1 Preparing to Scan Music

To scan right away, locate the SCAN button in the toolbar or Navigator and push it.



Start Scan (Toolbar) Start Scan (Navigator)

If your scanner responds well to the SCAN command, you can jump to Section 3.5, "Rec- ognition Sequence". To learn more about scanning options in SmartScore, turn to Section 3.2, "Using the SmartScore Scanning Interface".

If you are scanning with a Mac running Snow Leopard (OS 10.4) or later and your scanner fails to respond to the SCAN command, jump to Section 3.2, "Using the SmartScore Scanning Interface"

3.1.1 Scanner Drivers

SmartScore uses “3rd-party drivers” for scanner control. These drivers are installed from the CD packaged along with your scanner. Windows drivers are usually WIA or TWAIN. If you encounter problems when attempting to scan, locate your scanner manufacturers’ website, download and install the most recent scanner driver before calling Musitek Tech- nical Support.

NOTE: Some users may have to select “Custom” install mode for installation.

3.1.2 Selecting your scanner driver in SmartScore (Windows only)

a. Go to File > Scan Music > Select Scanner. Click on the driver name that corre- sponds to your scanner.


FIGURE 3 - 1: File > Scan Music > Select Scanner

Using to SmartScore X2

Windows Users: Sometimes more than one scanner driver will appear. If you are using an “All-in-One” scanner / printer / copier, it is strongly recommended that you select the “WIA xxx” driver from File > Scan Music > Select Scanner window if it is shown. Oth- erwise, select the TWAIN driver that corresponds to your scanner and try again.

3.1.3 Choosing a scanner

All scanners are not created equal. Most will work well with SmartScore; some better than others. For an updated list of recommended scanners, visit: https://www.musitek.com/bundle.html

For common scanning problems and solutions, go online to:


or see “Scanning Issues” at https://www.musitek.com/faqs.html